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Stream Brazil 2019 has been.

29 May-1 June in Salvadaor, Brazil

WPP Stream Brazil 2019, an invitation only gathering of business and creative leaders from across the region for three-days mind-blowing day debate and discussion. Stream Brazil will connect a unique group of CEOs and rising talent to challenge conventional thinking and bring together unexpected relationships across industries.

Digital has taken its time to rise in Latin America, where push, TV advertising had long dominated the scene since its inception. But we have now crossed the chasm and “digital transformation” is a buzzword that we hear on an everyday basis.

Thanks to its relative size and flexibility, the region is now thought of as a test market for many global initiatives on the digital transformation continum. Social Hubs, Software Factories and many leading global corporations are testing what’s next in Latin America.

And where better to launch than in Brazil. Not only the region’s biggest market, but also the fastest growing digital market. GDP might be down, and a political crisis ensuing, but this has not stopped digital transformation from gaining speed. Within Brazil, Sao Paulo is the economic heart of the country, even though politics take place in Brasilia.

What should you expect?

At Stream Brazil, there will be 300 creative, media and technology leaders - but no hierarchy. They’ll be clients, partners, media owners, start-ups, VCs, creative agencies and beyond. For three days, they’ll discuss, pronounce, digress, squabble and speculate. By the end, everyone present will be just a little bit clearer about our digital future and what it will mean for communications, for creativity, for business – and for themselves as people.

Previous Stream guests include Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook; Anne Wojcicki, Founder & CEO of 23andMe; Dollar Shave Club Founder & CEO, Michael Dubin; Mark Thompson, CEO of The New York Times; Pinterest founder, Ben Silbermann; Imran Khan, Chief strategy officer of Snapchat; the Academy Award winning filmmaker Lucy Walker; BuzzFeed CEO & Founder Jonah Peretti; Girlboss CEO, Sophia Amoruso; Burning Man founder Marian Goodell; and more.

Attendance is by invitation only. If you’re interested in joining us, get in touch.

What they say:

"Inspiring" Keith Weed, Unilever

"Without doubt the best conference I’ve ever been to (“un” or otherwise), and I am raring to get back into the office next week, determined to bring more of this spirit and vision into my business"
Charlotte O’Sullivan, Mulberry

"Why do I love Stream? Because people are in jeans and are ready to interact, instead of suits and ties making statements." Esther Dyson, Edventure

"Stream is an eye opener for me. This is the real world and once you work in the corporate world, it's easy to lose touch, even interest... and end up being somewhat self centered. Stream is a refreshing interlude, in a formatted year of reviews and meetings. No agenda! Free flowing discussions! Stuff that has nothing to do with my job or my industry - that is what's inspiring. I wouldn't want to endure three days of marketing or FMCGs. I want three days of random thoughts, unusual encounters and great vibe" Eric Jumbert, Colgate

"Meeting a large group of people that are passionate, smart, and enjoy what they do, is inspirational. It recharges the batteries. Makes me want to go find more of them. I can be pretty introverted so being in a large group of people like that, and knowing absolutely no one, was quite intimidating for me. However, wherever I sat, folks were incredibly kind and welcoming. Frankly, by the second day I made a conscious effort not to go to a lot of the digital education discussions. Found the "off topic" discussions to be very rewarding. I’m big on connecting dots that are either farther away or don’t appear to be related, Stream introduced me to a lot of new dots." Douglas Brian Macdonald, Qatar Airways

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