Alongside the Discussions there are a number of activities at Stream that range from cooking to lightning fast Ignite Talks, Cinema, hiking and more:
The Stream Cook-off: The infamous Stream cook-off, where the only way to win, is to cook. Share your best, weirdest or most spectacular recipe, and cook for your fellow guests right in the hotel kitchens. It’s always the most popular. And mad. Add your favourite recipe here.  
Ignite Talks: Your big idea in 4-mins on mainstage, with 15 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds. Test how good you really are at presenting, and share something worth hearing. Submit your idea for a talk here.  
Sports at Stream: Each morning we’ll run a variety of sports, including yoga, running, tennis, swim club and anything else if there’s enough interest. Each sport is led by a Stream participant, so please volunteer your skills, or sign up to join-in here.
Silver Stream:  Late night movies, on a big screen, under the stars. Nominate your all-time favourite movie, a pre-release of a friend, or an obscure Netflix find and we’ll create your very own drive-in experience. Share your ideas here.
Learn a new skill at Stream: From axe-throwing to spoon carving, we’ve seen a host of new skills find a home at Stream. Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn? Let us know, and we’ll see if we can arrange for it, right here at Stream.  

Health & Wellness

For the young at heart…

Cooking Madness

For the cooks…

Have another idea?

We’re game. Let us know here.