Unlike traditional media conferences, there are no keynotes and PPTX presentations at Stream. Instead, we focus on small working groups of 1h that allow you to share your expertise, and test new, or provocative ideas in an intimate setting.

Similar to a collage campus, Stream is set up with 7-8 ‘classroom’ spaces, all outside, in a variety of tee-pees, and in the garden terraces. Each classroom has seating for 30 guests, a flipchart and pens, and a small clock to keep time.

The agenda for the three-days is decided onsite – when guests add their ideas to the schedule, on two huge white boards, known as the Big Boards. At any time 7-8 sessions can run concurrently, with 1-2 informal sessions on the main-lawn.

Next steps. We encourage guests to share their ideas for sessions in advance, so that we can help group similar ideas together, and ensure we have good coverage of all the big topics. Suggesting a discussion topic doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Instead, good discussions favour a punchy question, debate and willingness to hear many points of view. To add an idea, please click “Log in to submit your idea” below.

If you'd like to talk an idea through before posting, or would like help finding some co-hosts, let us know.

Brooks Brown

Using Virtual Reality as more than a gimmick

With the ability to delight and amaze, most people have experienced VR in the form of short minigames or 360 movies. Even the top Virtual Reality you can get these days are only a step beyond theme park rides emotionally. But can it be used for more? Join me as we discuss how the power of 'unmediated entertainment' can bring powerful emotions to the surface - and help push us towards empathy and understanding. We will break down the Tribeca Film festival winning piece 'Hero', called 'the future of the medium' by the jury. And maybe we will figure out what might come next.

Leanne Doan

“The Power of Community” with Reddit x Sony Pictures

Reflecting culture through the lens of Entertainment, the power of the collective; discovering and discussing. With over 188M Redditors in Entertainment related communities - 66% of Redditors discover new TV shows on Reddit compared to only 15% through friends. How the power of communities shape, inform and influence culture. Come join us as we explore television and film communities and why Ryan Reynolds picked up a script from Reddit r/nosleep to produce

Itamar Benedy

In-Game Advertising - The New Frontier for OTT/Digital Video

One in three people living in the world today plays video games. Across genders, ages, and economic levels, virtually every demographic is plugged into the digital playing field. And for the younger generations, gaming is much more than just a hobby - it represents a key component of their cultural and social identities. With so much more growth in sight, how can traditional media outlets use this new paradigm in gaming to connect directly with their audiences?

Itamar Benedy

Why Gaming is the New Pop Culture

Until recently gaming was only about entertainment. Almost two decades later, we are at a turning point for video gaming. Gamers have not only become diverse in terms of genders, ages and income levels, but have also evolved in their behavior and purchasing power. This, in turn, has changed how game studios approached this core gamer groups. Led by big titles such as Fortnite and League of Legends, gaming is experiencing its moment under the sun where every brand wants to be associated with it. Brands recognize that there is an untapped market of users waiting to be tapped. Let us come together to discuss what the gaming industry can offer and how brands can leverage this.

Zeev Klein

Sports: Whats New in Sport Tech, Esports, Gaming & Gambling?

A friendly (and provocative) conversation about how the evolving sports landscape will impact content, community, and consumer engagement. Trends to be discussed include new technologies in the marketplace, changing domestic consumption of sports media, and the impact on brands/advertisers/fans. A good session for any VC/investors along with folks involved with startups/innovation/disruption.

Zeev Klein

A Roundtable Discussion: Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Creating space for an honest and open conversation about D&I at work and in our culture - through the lens of gender, race, and more. The dialogue will cover a) the role of language, bias, and definitions b) issue, problems and examples c) opportunities, solutions, and practical next steps. All are welcome for this interactive roundtable discussion.

Cillian Kieran


Trust & Technology - Have we broken the social compact?

The tech industry is responsible for a widening trust deficit with consumers. "Move fast and break things" was great when software engineers built games and calculators. Now, software powers financial markets, air traffic systems and communication networks - critical infrastructure. Software is the new civil engineering and we'd be horrified if bridge builders ascribed to "move fast and break things". Join me to understand how we've got to this point and what we can do to make amends to build trustworthy and ethical data-driven businesses.

Cillian Kieran


Data Privacy Reality Check - How do we build more trustworthy businesses?

GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPEDA. The list of acronyms is endless but what do they mean for data driven business and how should we think about managing this new, heavily regulated future. Join me to better understand the impact and share the solutions and efforts we're all making to build success in this new data regulated world.

Paul Lindahl

Artifical Intelligence and the Arts

Where does technology end and art begin? Last year, Christies auctioned off an AI painting, titled Portrait of Edmond de Belamy, for $432,000. Google's algorithms can write poems. AIVA is an AI that composes music. Does Artificial Intelligence really have its own creative mind, or is it just a tool guided by human creativity? Will we end up watching movies with AI generated actors? How much will culture be influenced in our future by a computer program?

Sinead O'Sullivan

Exploring the irrational- how the subconscious motivates the consumer

There is a focus on targeting consumer demographics in both marketing and elections. But does this really work to bring the brand and consumer closer? Alternatively, how does knowing belief system and the subconscious motivation of the consumer change the need to market to their demographics, and could identifying belief systems be a more "privacy friendly" and sustainable way of connecting to audiences?

Karen Kwarta

Context vs. Content

With human attention spans being surpassed by those of goldfish, what's ultimately more important - where and when you deliver your message, or the content of the message itself?

Tim Philbin

What we can learn from the movie “Joker” in regards to mental health, inequality, and violence?

The stigma around mental health has gained larger traction in pop culture with the release of Joker and puts a spotlight on those who rely on governmental assistance for access to healthcare. In this conversation we'll cover a variety of topics including how social status may play a role in mental health and accessibility to proper care among other topics.

Nate Stricker


Why the world needs more inspiration

Inspiration is nearly impossible to define, but you know it when you see it. What does inspiration really mean, does it matter, and if so, why does it matter for brands and more importantly, for people and culture all over the world? Here at Pinterest, we think it matters a lot. Less interruption and disruption, and more inspiration and action. Come talk with us about the importance of inspiration and how it can come to life.

Julie Triolo

Modern day social responsibility causes. How do you make it meaningful?

Part of the D2C movement has been centered around building brands with a socially responsible ethos These brands have revolutionized consumer behavior and will continue to pioneer next generation consumption behaviors. Should this be the expectation of all brands, corporations and businesses? How can they participate in the movement in an authentic fashion?

Julie Triolo

Lies in exchange for money and power. Who's responsible for maintaining the moral compass?

With the election coming up in 2020, what should be the criteria used for brands, advertisers and publishers to ensure interference and the rampant spread of false information is mitigated? Should there be regulations put in place? What is the price paid on a monetary level and philosophical/equity level for staying silent?

Mike Anderson

It thinks, therefore I am

Technology has shaped what humans can do since the invention of fire, but it has also changed how we view ourselves. When photography was introduced, some feared a photo would steal the soul-- a magical idea that technology can intrinsically alter something so fundamental about us as our soul and place it entirely outside of our own bodies. As technology has gotten more "magical" with the digital revolution, we need to rethink how the extension of our selves through data into the digital realm changes who we are. With today's business models, personal data is now currency. Is whoever owns our data ultimately in control of who we are? Are we giving up the most intrinsic part of who we are-- our identity-- when we participate in the digital and social economy?

Seunghee Ha

Is Purpose Dead?

Being a “purpose-led” organization was the thing to be for the past several years. Companies and brands have tried to find, resurface, and/or manufacture purpose, and in this effort, some have hit the bullseye, some have missed the mark, and some have garnered cynicism internally as well as among consumers. There have been many discussions about “had purpose led brands astray,” “what we got wrong about purpose,” etc. I’d be interested to discuss the experiences across companies, brands, industries. Where has purpose helped, where has purpose hurt, who needs a purpose, who doesn’t.

Carrie Kelly

The future of retail as a marketing channel

How can retail be reimagined as a marketing channel and a learning tool driven by technology? With the continued rise of e-commerce and DTC, how do physical and digital work together? Can retail be leveraged as a component of a media buy whether for a product launch, brand experience or opportunity to build community and acquire feedback from consumers? Can the measurement of in-person interactions help marketers better understand the entire customer journey? How does retail become more flexible to allow brands to quickly enter & exit stores without the heavy operational burden or high financial risk? What role does technology vs retail staff play throughout?

Sarah Thompson

Do we need marketplaces?

More and more eCommerce is becoming overwrought with marketplace environments that are about consumerism and not quality. As society shifts to less consumerism, more value and shared goods - what is the value proposition of these environments down the road?

Andrea Wasserman

Solving the generational divide

Given shifting demographics and tension such as the recent “ok, boomer” meme, are there ways as marketers, humans, and team leaders for us to better bring people together?

Andrea Wasserman

The end of ownership

What are the second and third order effects of a shift toward minimalism and the rental economy (clothes, outdoor goods, and more)? How can both consumer marketers and organizational leaders get ahead of these trends?

Paul Longo

Hack the Future with Microsoft

We're bringing Microsoft's hackathon approach to STREAM in a one-hour session designed to "hack the future" and apply fresh thinking to tough challenges. You pick the topics. We break into groups. We hack together. Ideas flourish. Change happens. *Last year, more than 27,000 people across 400 cities and 75 countries came together to bring world-changing ideas to life at Microsoft's yearly hackathon. A product that emerged from past hackathons is "Seeing AI," an app that narrates the world around users who have visual impairments.

Andy Parnis

What will 5G do for me?

A lot of money has been spent building networks, but with very little understanding of what the use cases will be, either consumer or enterprise.

Jamie Gutfreund

Discourse Fever?

What happens when discourse in the workplace dies? Is there a cost for being agreeable? Let’s discuss and debate the ROI of passion.

Jann Martin Schwarz

“How to Talk To The CFO Who Secretly Runs Your Marketing Org”

Marketers are terrible at talking to finance people. If you want money for marketing that has to change. Some ideas to get us started provided by research from The B2B Institute @ LinkedIn.

Jane Barasch

The customer squeeze in an evolving ecommerce world.

With the explosion of ecommerce partners for our clients to work with and their growing expectation of investment on their sites, marketing budgets are getting squeezed often at the expense of upper funnel equity building activities. What will be the long term impact on brands and how do marketers balance the pressure from customers with the need to protect their brands identity.

Ari Levenfeld

Duck and Cover Isn’t an Option!

Pushed by data scandals and the emergence of new regulations in Europe and the US, the tectonic plates of data privacy and advertising are rapidly shifting. For unprepared brands and agencies in the US, CCPA could be the ‘Big One’. Join me for a lively discussion as we uncover the fault lines in the perceived impact from the new regulations that risk undermining the ability for brands and agencies to respond to the changes coming into effect on January 1, 2020. Duck and cover isn’t an option.

Shruti Tiwari

Media and Creative working together in fragmented landscape

Media and creative thinking always inform and influence each other but given the landscape, it often appears more territorial vs. surrounding ourselves on a client solution.

Christina Mallon

Democratizing Design: Who gets to design?

Christina Mallon

8 Trillion Market that your ignoring: people with disabilities have a total disposable income larger than china

Christina Mallon

The future of inclusion

Christina Mallon

Inclusion spurs Innovation

Sarah Thompson

What is the new ethics of business?

We have been chasing growth. We have been chasing data. We are now getting a backlash. What is a "good" business now.

Karen O'Brien

What can brands learn from Jeffree Star and D2C brands in the Beauty industry?

Over the past few years beauty influencers have disrupted a very traditional industry – everything from product development, marketing, communications to brand building have been reimagined. Billion $ brands are being built, relationships are direct and beauty paradigms are changing - what can traditional brands learn from these D2C companies?

Jeff Ragovin

Social Native

Connectivity is killing us !!!

Excessive digital dependence is causing more harm than good. We are growing up in a world where no one remembers numbers, we can't turn our brains off and sleep naturally. Kids are growing up with new sets of problems. How do we make time in our world to get back to our roots. Let's discuss how to live healthier lives!!

Dori Acampora

What the Jurassic Park lunchroom scene can teach us about Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is a dying practice. With the emergence of AI, especially in advertising and media, businesses can get caught in a robotic cycle of rationality that leads to a stifling of innovation and a habit of order-giving and taking. During this discussion we will break down the lunchroom scene in Jurassic Park, talk about each character’s role, and how that role counteracts, or contributes to innovation. There is the Implementer, the Planner, and the Thinker. Who is who? Who survives? And who gets eaten by a dinosaur?

Dori Acampora

How anxiety can diminish our ability to think strategically, and what to do about it

In this discussion we will talk about the different parts of our brain, and how stress and anxiety dictate our capacity for thinking & innovation. We will discuss how we can tell when stress is helping or hurting us. And what other clues our bodies give us prior to moving into a state where our abilities to function are diminished.

Dori Acampora

Run an open forum meeting without dissolving into chaos

Strictly run meetings many times become a sounding board for the extroverts in the room while the introverts work out information quietly in their own heads. Conversely, an open forum meeting can result in a chaotic free-for-all where nothing gets accomplished. Culture, language, disposition, and politics are all barriers to obtaining the unique contribution of all participants. This is not a discussion about how to facilitate a meeting, but rather how to use different strategies to create a more democratic space where everyone is heard.

Julian Ranger

Privacy & Innovation - opposites or can we have both

Much is made of the privacy and security issues with personal data today - for important reasons. The solution is often quoted as giving individuals more control - with the implication they will share less, but will be more valuable for those businesses who are trusted to receive data. However, this pitches privacy in conflict with innovation - future innovation from Precision Medicine, future of retail & finance, AI, Smart Cities, IOT all require sharing of MORE data not less. How can we share more & better data, to get more & better value, but do so with privacy, security & consent built in?

Ella Kieran


What's your number? And how I can help you remember things better

Quiz time! Ready? How many emails do you get per day? How many emails do you send per day? How many inbox / messenger apps do you use? How many times do you check Instagram or online news? How many friends do you have on WhatsApp? How many children do you have (if any), pets also count OK... add these up, and email me your number (Ella.kieran@wpp.com) I'll collect all responses. When we get to ojai, you can learn how your number compares to everyone else, and what the optimal number is. And more importantly - why you need to know your number in order to remember the right things, and not become well-informed, but lost.

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