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At the Stream Cinema, as darkness falls, you can join us on a deckchair to watch independent, interestingly made, YouTube view-clocking cinema you’ll have ever seen. Previous selections include:

Reincarnation (European Premier)Watch trailer here

VICE films present an intimate portrait of international superstar Snoop Dogg as he journeys to Jamaica and undergoes a spiritual odyssey

Olive (Worldwide Premier)Watch trailer here

The first feature-length film shot on a smartphone, Olive is a film about a little girl that transforms the lives of three people without speaking one word.

Ping PongWatch trailer here

Eight ping pong players with 703 years between them compete in the Over 80 World Table Tennis Championships in China's Inner Mongolia

Escape Fire (Worldwide Premier)Watch trailer here

Escape Fire tackles one of the most pressing US issues of our time: what can be done to save the US medical system?

…and many more. This year will, of course, be totally different.

Each night there’ll be a mixture of shorts and a full length feature. To join the film selection team click here. Or to see your name on the screen, add a link to your favourite internet clips that you’d like us to show on the list below.

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