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Stream 2017 has been!  

Thank you to everyone who took part and made Stream 2017 possible.

Hosted by Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP and High-Tech Investor Yossi Vardi, Stream 2017 brings small number of creative, media and technology leaders from WPP agencies, clients and media owners for three days of debate in a camp on the shores of Marathon in Greece.
It’s been called an un-conference because it’s an unconventional, unstructured, unscripted and unpredictable meeting of people, minds, and ideas.  The theme and the participants are all concerned with creativity, technology and culture – and anything else that emerges spontaneously when such people meet, think, talk and speculate.
Everyone is expected to participate and contribute.
It’s democratic, at times anarchic and everything your standard “speeches followed by drinks and networking” conference is not. Highlights from last summer include: “Artificial Intelligence: will it overwhelm us?”; “The future of news for millennials”; “Will China Produce Its Own Version of YouTube Superstars?”; “Are we becoming illiterate?”; “What I discovered living inside Instagram”; “Seven reasons mobile is king in Africa”; “Are wearables a scam?”; and “Can there be a future without ads?” This year will, of course, be totally different.
The result is that participants should leave Stream amazed, inspired, and armed with new thinking, new ideas and new friends. Attendance is free of charge, but by invitation only.

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