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Stream is a collaborative project, run in large part by an amazing team of volunteers. If it’s your first-time to Stream, or an unconference, don’t sit on your hands. The more you put into Stream, the more you get out. If you’d like to join the team, and have a fabulous excuse to meet all sorts of interesting people – get in touch – we’d love your help.

Director of Stream 2017
Ella Kieran
Manager of Stream 2017
Kemi Green
Director of Discussions
Clara Zabludovsky, Alicia Navarro, Ella Kieran
Directors of Preview
Aoife Dowling
Director of Diversity
Pierre-Simon Ntiruhungwa
Director of France
 Jean Michel Janoueix
Host of Preview
Could you do this?
Director of Article Writers Joy Robins
Director of IgniteKemi Green
Director of ExtravaganzaDeirdre McGlashan
Host of Extravaganza
Jules Lund
Directors of the Stream BandYaron Haklai
Director of DJsCould you do this?
Director of PowerPoint KaraokeMark Adams
Director of the PitchHelen Lawrence
Host of the Pitch
Helen Lawrence
Director of Midnight Cooking Madness
Erik Semmelhack & Clara Zabludowsky
Director of Health & WellnessChris Millsom & Kevin Harris
Director of Stream CinemaKristin Cardwell, Jing Zhang and Uri L
Directors of the Tech LabGary Shainberg, Igor Tolkachev, Nikolaos Maniatis, Markus Schork & Daniel Seal.
Director of Photography
Guido Van
Director of Bandwidth & Drones
Gary Shainberg & Daniel Fisher
Director of FilmingEmily Forbes & Kylie Flavell
Director of Social Media
Lawrence Coburn
Director of Workshops
Caroline Drucker
Director of Bionics Samatha Payne
Director of Dance Zoe Jackson
Director of Augmented Reality
Could you do this?
Director of Registration
Could you do this?
Directors of the Bonfire Competition
Charlotte Bui, Roberta Macdonald and Marc Geraghty